Personal Financial Management Tool Banking Solutions

Aggregate Your Deposit, Loan, Credit Card and Investment Accounts Into One Interactive Tool

Many of our members have asked for it, and now it’s available for all to enjoy with our upgraded Online Banking platform! Delta Community now offers a Personal Financial Management tool called, FinanceWorks which allows you to manage your Checking, Savings, Credit Cards, Loans and Investment accounts at multiple financial institutions, all within your Delta Community Online Banking. You can aggregate as many accounts as you’d like and organize them in various ways to help you better manage your money, create budget charts and track spending for long-term financial planning. The more you use it, the more you’ll know about yourself and your money.

  • Set and track budgets
  • Categorize your spending
  • Manage savings and budget goals
  • Import outside account information
  • Set email alerts
  • Use as a helpful aide for long-term financial planning

financeworks screen-shot

The tool is easy to use and ready to customize for your personal accounts. Get started today!