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Identity Theft Protection

Once your identity’s stolen, it’s hard to get It back.

One of the biggest increases in crime over the past few years is identity theft. In fact, it’s become a nationwide epidemic. But you can do something about it. And Members Insurance Advisors, our wholly owned subsidiary, offers products to help you protect yourself.

You can protect your identity with Members Insurance Advisors' ID Theft products. They’re affordably priced to fit your budget and they guard against criminal, medical and financial fraud. Most identity theft protection out there today offer single bureau credit monitoring for financial fraud only.

Identity Theft Basic
Identity Theft Premier

But they offer a plan that has triple bureau credit monitoring along with a variety of other measures that will detect any suspicious activity. And the best thing is, it's a much greater value than others like Lifelock®, that provide fewer services at a higher cost.*

In the event your identity is compromised, we help take the stress out of the experience by giving you the assistance you need. You get live, personalized help from an experienced caseworker who will work on your behalf to minimize stress and maximize peace of mind. This licensed expert caseworker will perform all the tasks necessary to restore your good name.** 

*Competitive analysis provided by CSIdentity.
**Restoration services do not include filing a police report, which legally must be filed by the person whose identity has been compromised. Restoration services also require limited Power of Attorney, which must be granted in order for Restoration Services to intervene.

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