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Home Mortgage Officers at Delta Community Credit Union

Home Loan Specialists

Professional Solutions and Services from Home Mortgage Experts

Home Mortgage Specialists All Over Metro Atlanta

Service, experience and expertise are important. That's why we have a "Home Team" ready to help with all your home loan needs.

Home Loan Events with Mortgage Specialists

Delta Community Credit Union has several educational events throughout the year such as First-Time Home Buyer Mixers and Credit Repair Seminars. Check out our events calendar and register for the next event. You’ll even get to have all of your questions answered by a Home Loan Consultant.

Contact a Mortgage Loan Officer Closest to You Today!

Whether you are a First-Time Home Buyer or purchasing your second home, we are here to help. Have questions about a Fixed-Rate Mortgage or Adjustable Rate Mortgage? Ready to apply for a second mortgage but can't decide between a Home Equity Loan, Home Equity Line of Credit or Purchase Money Second? Stop by and visit with a Mortgage Loan Officer or call and make an appointment today!

Rhonda Dearing
Branch: Fayetteville - Summit Point
Phone: 404-677-4105
Email: rhonda.dearing@deltacommunitycu.com
home mortgage loan officer
Ellen Gerber
Branch: Sandy Springs
Phone: 404-677-8715
Email: ellen.gerber@deltacommunitycu.com
home mortgage loan officer
Kathy Melli
Branch: Marietta - Dallas Highway
Phone: 404-677-4173
Email: kathleen.melli@deltacommunitycu.com
home mortgage loan officer
Dorsey Gray
Branch: Vinings - Cumberland Boulevard
Phone: 404-677-4465
Email: dorsey.gray@deltacommunitycu.com
home mortgage loan officer
Heena Patel
Branch: Vinings - Cumberland Boulevard
Phone: 404-677-8761
Email: heena.patel@deltacommunitycu.com
home mortgage loan officer
Monica Williams
Branch: Vinings - Cumberland Boulevard
Phone: 404-677-8765
Email: monica.williams@deltacommunitycu.com
home mortgage loan officer
Judy Levine
Branch: Johnson Ferry
Phone: 404-677-8738
Email: judy.levine@deltacommunitycu.com
home mortgage loan officer
Mattie Ford
Branch: Atlanta (Midtown) and Decatur
Phone: 404-677-4938
Email: mattie.ford@deltacommunitycu.com
home mortgage loan officer
Cynthia Reed - Team Lead
Branch: Atlanta - Virginia Avenue
Phone: 404-677-4582
Email: cynthia.reed@deltacommunitycu.com
home mortgage loan officer
Khristian Danns
Branch: Atlanta - Virginia Avenue
Phone: 404-677-4801
Email: khristian.danns@deltacommunitycu.com
home mortgage loan officer
Pat Deery
Branch: Newnan
Phone: 404-677-4291
Email: pat.deery@deltacommunitycu.com
home mortgage loan officer
Rhonda McClain
Branch: Peachtree City - Wisdom Road
Phone: 404-677-8783
Email: rhonda.mcclain@deltacommunitycu.com
home mortgage loan officer
Melanie Rexrode
Branch: Peachtree City - Wisdom Road
Phone: 404-677-4195
Email: melanie.rexrode@deltacommunitycu.com
home mortgage loan officer
Rhonda Foster
Branch: Eagles Landing/Mount Zion
Phone: 404-677-4788
Email: rhonda.foster@deltacommunitycu.com
home mortgage loan officer
Marcus Butler
Branch: Sugarloaf/John's Creek
Phone: 404-677-4805
Email: marcus.butler@deltacommunitycu.com
home mortgage loan officer

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