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Home Loans at Delta Community Credit Union

Home Loan Specialists

Service, experience and expertise are important. That's why we have a "Home Team" ready to help with all your home loan needs. Stop by and visit with a Home Loan Specialist or call and make an appointment today!
Rhonda Dearing
Branch: Fayetteville - Summit Point
Phone: 404-677-4105
Email: rhonda.dearing@deltacommunitycu.com
Ellen Gerber
Branch: Marietta - Johnson Ferry Road
Phone: 404-677-8715
Email: ellen.gerber@deltacommunitycu.com
Kathy Melli
Branch: Marietta - Dallas Highway
Phone: 404-677-4173
Email: kathleen.melli@deltacommunitycu.com
Heena Patel
Branch: Vinings - Cumberland Boulevard
Phone: 404-677-8761
Email: heena.patel@deltacommunitycu.com
Monica Williams
Branch: Vinings - Cumberland Boulevard
Phone: 404-677-8765
Email: monica.williams@deltacommunitycu.com
Mattie Ford
Branch: Atlanta (Midtown) and Decatur
Phone: 404-677-4938
Email: mattie.ford@deltacommunitycu.com
Rhonda McClain
Branch: Newnan - Highway 34 East
Phone: 404-677-4246
Email: rhonda.mcclain@deltacommunitycu.com
Cynthia Reed
Branch: Atlanta - Virginia Avenue
Phone: 404-677-4582
Email: cynthia.reed@deltacommunitycu.com
Melanie Rexrode
Branch: Peachtree City - Wisdom Road
Phone: 404-677-4195
Email: melanie.rexrode@deltacommunitycu.com

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