Delta Community CU Visa Balance Transfer and Rebate (#7783)
Last Modified: 7/10/2015 12:13 PM
To complete a balance transfer of $500 or more, log into your Online Banking account and select Visa Balance Transfer located under the Loans tab. For questions or further assistance, you may contact us at 800-544-3328 or visit one of our branches.

Balance Transfer Rebates
  • Newly opened accounts qualify for a 1.5% rebate on their balance transfers submitted within 90 days of opening the Visa credit card account.
  • The 1.5% rebate is a one-time payment (1.5% of the total transferred amount) and it will be credited to the primary savings account after the transferred balance has revolved for two consecutive billing cycles.

To payoff balances that are under $500, complete a Cash Advance via audio or Online Banking from your Delta Community CU Visa to your checking and write a check to pay off the other bank. A $3 cash advance fee will apply for this transaction. Unlike purchases, funds from a cash advance will accrue interest daily. Payments to other credit accounts that will not complete a payoff should be handled in this manner, as well.

To calculate the interest per diem, multiply the amount transferred by the interest rate of the CU Visa. Divide this total by 365 (days in a year). Add this figure for everyday that the balance transfer amount is unpaid. For example, if you transfer a balance today and pay the balance of the transfer off in 7 days, you would pay the interest based on the total length of time the transferred money was on the loan (7 days).

. Am I required to submit a copy of the payment statement for the institution I want to pay off?

A. No. In order to complete the Visa Balance Transfer please have available, the Institution name and address, account number, amount to be transferred and account type.

Q. Do I have to be registered for Online Banking to complete a Balance Transfer?

A. No. While you can transfer the funds and pay off balances yourself in Online Banking, we will be glad to process a check request to pay off your high-rate balances today. You ll need to have your payee address and account information ready when you call. You may call us at 800-544-3328.

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