Lien holder account number (#4734)
Last Modified: 4/20/2014 6:33 PM
What is the lien holder account number with Delta Community CU?
A dealership may ask for a service code for filing a vehicle registration. They are needing the financing financial institution's lien holder number for recording collateral liens on the title.
This is a requirement in the following states:
  • Georgia: 001109877229 (Electronic)
  • Arizona: E00292335 (Electronic)
  • California: AEV (Electronic)
  • Florida (FIN): 580904765 (Paper) 230297193 (Electronic)
  • Louisiana: EADF (Electronic)
  • Massachusetts: C35288 (Electronic)
  • Nebraska: 40562135 (Electronic)
  • New Jersey: 259211135303540
  • New York: 26295
  • Pennsylvania: 26107131501
  • Texas: 58090476500 (Electronic)
  • Wisconsin: 0114314 (Paper) 020410 (Electronic)

States not included in this list are not currently requiring a lien holder code

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