Security Features

You will have peace of mind with all of the security features that come with your card. Whether you use it for online purchases, last-minute supplies or gas for service vehicles, you can count on your Visa® Business Platinum Rewards Credit Card to help protect you.

woman doing online banking on her laptop

Visa's Easy, Smart and Secure Online Checkout

Enjoy an easy, smart and secure digital checkout experience when you click to pay with your Delta Community Visa Debit or Credit Card when you see this icon click to pay with payment icon where Visa is accepted.

Verified by Visa

Your Delta Community Visa Cards are automatically enrolled in Verified by Visa, which employs advanced technology to monitor transactions and removes the need for passwords, allowing you to shop online without interruption. Verified by Visa enables online merchants to confirm a cardholder's identity before an online transaction is approved. This added step helps prevent unauthorized users from using your card online to perform fraudulent transactions.

Lost or Stolen Card Reporting

You can report your card lost or stolen with one call, and your account will be immediately blocked to prevent fraudulent charges. You can report a lost or stolen card by:

  • Contacting Delta Community in the U.S. or Canada at 800-544-3328.
  • Logging in to your Online Banking account, selecting the Additional Services tab and going to the Card Management section. You can also submit a secure message.

Connect With a Specialist

If you have questions, you can always contact a Business Lending Specialist at 404-677-8691 or email for further assistance. To apply now, simply complete the Delta Community Visa Business Platinum Rewards Credit Card application.