Delta Community Credit Union is committed to providing access to financial services for members with disabilities. The following are enhanced services to meet our members’ needs.

Audio-Enabled ATMs

All Delta Community Credit Union ATMs are audio-enabled to allow visually impaired members to conduct ATM transactions privately, through a headset. Visit our Locations page for a list of our ATMs.

Adobe Acrobat

Some of Delta Community’s content is available to view in Adobe® Reader®, which is equipped with Read Out Loud Text to Speech Tool (TTS). This tool reads text contained within a document window, allowing our visually impaired members to navigate applications and other documents. For information on how to use this feature, visit the Adobe Acrobat Accessibility page.

Mobile and Online

For members who have difficulty visiting a branch or using the phone, Delta Community’s mobile and online channels serve as a useful alternative for access to our products and services. Delta Community maintains mobile and browser application compatibility with industry standards and guidelines. To improve your web experience, we recommend utilizing your operating system or browser's native accessibility tools. We're continuing to update our mobile and online platforms to provide greater accessibility.

Accessible features include:

  • Mobile apps compatible with AndroidTM & iOS® accessibility software
  • Keyboard-accessible links
  • Color contrast for users with vision impairments
  • Text hierarchy to distinguish headlines from content and notation text
  • Descriptive links
  • Secure Messaging within Online Banking
  • Captioned multimedia

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Line

In addition to our robust Online Banking and Mobile Banking services, Delta Community’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone technology was designed to make your dial-in experience easy, convenient and accommodating. IVR is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply call us at 404-715-4725 or toll-free at 800-544-3328 to self-service your accounts or to speak to a Member Care Agent.

Suggestions for Improvement

If you have suggestions for how Delta Community could better serve our members with disabilities, please let us know. Send an email to or call us at 404-715-4725 with your feedback.