Card Management

Self-Service Tools to Better Manage Your Credit and Debit Cards

Delta Community’s Card Management tools put you in control. This self-service tool allows you to set card alerts, lock and unlock cards, notify Delta Community of upcoming travel, cancel a lost or stolen card and more. You can now conveniently manage your cards in our Mobile App or Online Banking.

Woman looking at the Delta Community Mobile App on her phone

Benefits of Card Management

Our Card Management tools allow you to:

  • Place limits on everyday spending
  • Set travel alerts
  • Cancel a card
  • Report a damaged card
  • Temporarily pause access to your cards at your convenience

To get started, log in to your account and select Card Management under the Additional Services menu in Online Banking or under More in our Mobile App.

More About Card Management

Q. Where do I go to access the Card Management tools?

A. Log in to your account and choose Card Management under More in our Mobile App or under Additional Services in Online Banking.

Q. What type of alerts can I set?

A. Alerts can be set for all transactions, any transactions over a defined amount, transactions of any amount made at a select list of merchant types including contactless transactions (ex. mobile payments such as Apple Pay), and/or any transaction that is declined based on a control you have set.

Q. What type of limits can I place on everyday spending?

A. A “per transaction” limit can be set that applies to any transaction, and/or limits can be set for a select list of transaction categories (such as ATM, brick and mortar stores, or international transactions). Both are subject to maximum daily card limits set by Delta Community.

Q. Will I need to call the Member Care Center or my local branch after I make a travel notification using Online Banking or the Mobile App?

A. No, there’s no need to call. Your updates are recorded in real-time and will automatically take effect on the days you are traveling.

Q. Can I make a travel notification after my travel dates begin?

A. Yes, if you set a notification once you have begun your trip, it will be applied immediately for the days you outline.

Q. What should I do if I forgot to make a travel notification and my charges are being declined?

A. If you have a purchase declines, you may receive a call from Visa® Fraud Prevention Services. If for some reason this does not happen, please contact the Member Care Center at 800-544-3328 and we will work to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Q. Are travel notifications available for both Debit and Credit Cards?

A. Yes, you can set travel notifications for your Debit and Credit Cards together or separately.

Q. If I lose my card, can I lock access to my cards through this tool?

A. Yes. Log in to your account and choose Card Management under More in our Mobile App or under Additional Services in Online Banking.