Delivering on the Credit Union Difference


How Delta Community's Personal Approach to Banking Instills Confidence in Members and in Metro Atlanta

In today’s uncertain economy, it’s important to have a banking partner you can rely on. And although any financial institution or business is subject to macroeconomic pressures, Delta Community Credit Union is uniquely positioned to navigate changing environments while maintaining quality service and competitive pricing standards. There are several reasons why members can always count on Delta Community’s commitment to financial strength.

A not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative

Delta Community Credit Union is structured as a not-for-profit organization, owned by its members and insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). This cooperative business model puts the interests of its members first and ensures that Delta Community is focused on the financial needs of its members rather than on maximizing profits for shareholders or Wall Street investors. Delta Community’s mission is to provide members with high-quality service and support, while furthering its values of stability and long-term financial well-being.

Conservative management practices and sound investment strategies

Unlike some banks that may engage in riskier investments, Delta Community sticks to proven business strategies that prioritize safety and stability. Delta Community employs conservative management practices in conjunction with sound counsel and objective advice. The credit union's investments primarily consist of high-credit-quality, conventional loans to its members, helping to mitigate risk and ensure the financial health of the cooperative.

Strong financial position and favorable capital ratios

Delta Community’s current liquidity and capital levels are highly favorable, and its strong financial position reflects its ability to navigate ongoing economic fluctuations while firmly adhering to its stated principles. The credit union's prudent capital management and investment strategies have helped to create lasting financial strength and stability. To review Delta Community’s latest capital or net worth ratio, visit our Company Fact sheet, which is updated monthly.

Proven resilience during economic challenges

In times of economic challenges, such as the Great Recession or the COVID-19 pandemic, Delta Community has consistently demonstrated resilience. The credit union's annual earnings are reinvested in the business to serve the financial health of the cooperative and deliver maximum value to its members throughout variable economic conditions. Furthermore, the audit committee concluded in its 2022 Annual Report that Delta Community’s internal controls and procedures, as well as its overall financial condition, are sound. This conclusion further highlights the credit union's success in implementing reliable practices and member care.

The credit union model: steady business base and lower delinquency rates

The credit union structure and business model provide a steady base with lower delinquency rates on average compared to commercial banks. Delta Community’s status as a member-owned cooperative helps to foster long-term relationships, in which the goal is to serve members as their preferred financial partner through every stage of life. This commitment to member care sets Delta Community Credit Union apart from traditional banks and reinforces its robust position in the financial industry.

To learn more about how Delta Community’s unique approach can work for you, explore our website.