Quick Balance FAQ

Want to know more? View our Quick Balance Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

What is Quick Balance?

Quick Balance allows you to quickly view your Delta Community balances and recent transactions in the Mobile Banking app without having to login to your account.

How do I setup Quick Balance?

To get started using Quick Balance simply:

  • Log-in to your Delta Community Mobile Banking App
  • Select More in the app’s footer menu bar
  • Choose Settings and then enable Quick Balance
  • Enjoy using the new feature right away

Note - If you do not see Quick Balance as an available feature option in the app’s Settings menu, you may have to download our latest app from your device’s app store.

Is Quick Balance a secure Mobile Banking feature to have on my device?

Quick Balance was designed to provide the ease and convenience of helping you keep track of your account balances. When activated on your device, the feature can be used by anyone with access to your phone. While your account balances and recent transactions are viewable through the Quick Balance feature, it is not possible to transfer funds using Quick Balance. Account log-in is required to proceed with transactions on the account. For added security, Delta Community recommends setting a PIN or password on your mobile devices. Additionally, installing/enabling remote wipe software on your smartphone or tablet is always a good practice.

Which devices are supported by Quick Balance?

The Delta Community Mobile Banking Quick Balance feature can be activated on iOS Apple and Android devices.

In addition to account balances, can any other information be viewed through Quick Balance?

The Quick Balance feature will allow you to view your Delta Community account balances as well as the latest (last five) transactions on each account.

Can I deactivate the Quick Balance feature if I no longer wish to have it?

If you no longer wish to have Quick Balance on your Delta Community Mobile Banking App, you can easily deactivate it. To deactivate the feature, simply log-in to the Mobile Banking app, select More from the footer menu bar and then choose the Settings option. Quick Balance can be switched on and off at any time.