Paperless Banking

paperless banking at Delta community credit union

Skip the Slip

No more deposit and withdrawal slips? It’s true! Paperless Banking is now available inside your branch, and we want you to know everything you can expect. In our ongoing efforts to improve member experience, we are committed to embracing technology, saving you time and reducing expenses. With Paperless Banking, you have options on how to access your accounts and how you would like to receive a receipt of the transaction. Here are a few exciting details about what you can expect:

  • Fast, secure account lookup with your Delta Community Debit or Credit Card, your Social Security number or account number
  • Receipt options will be available in the form of an emailed receipt and/or paper receipt
  • By eliminating the deposit/withdrawal slip and reducing paper receipts, Paperless Banking will be more eco-friendly

To learn more, please read our Paperless Banking FAQs or ask a Delta Community representative for more details. We look forward to bringing you more convenience and security during your visit inside our branches.