Paperless Banking Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Paperless Banking?

Delta Community Credit Union members now have the ability to perform a transaction with a teller without using paper. This means no deposit/withdrawal slip is required and you can choose to receive an emailed receipt via your selected email address or a paper receipt, as usual.

Is it safe for my receipt to be sent to me via email?

Yes, in fact we believe it is more secure than a paper receipt that can be dropped or misplaced.

How will the teller know what I want to do?

Simply let the teller know what type of transaction you would like to do (deposit, withdrawal, get cash back, etc.), and the teller will perform the transaction. After you confirm that the transaction is correct, the teller will either print the receipt or email the receipt to your email address.

What email address will be used for my receipts?

During your first visit, you will enter the email address you would like to use. Keep in mind that the address you choose for emailed receipts will update your primary email address on file at Delta Community. If you receive statements or other notifications by email, that same email address should be used for receipts.

If I have previously opted out of marketing emails, will my preferences change if I choose to receive emailed receipts?

No, your choice to receive emailed receipts is solely for the transactions you perform with a teller inside one of our branches and does not affect your marketing email preferences.

What information will be on the emailed receipt?

The same information that is on the paper receipt will be displayed on the emailed receipt, including a recap of the transaction performed and the balances of the affected accounts. No personal information or account numbers will be listed.

Is Paperless Banking available in the drive-thru?

At this time, Paperless Banking is only for use on transactions being performed while inside a branch. Members will need to complete a transaction slip while using the drive-thru, however, the email receipt option will be available.

Why is Delta Community Credit Union implementing Paperless Banking?

Paperless Banking is eco-friendly. Due to performing thousands of transactions a day using a deposit/withdrawal slip and printing a receipt, our paper consumption will be drastically reduced, passing the savings along to members. And, you’ll be able to organize your receipts electronically by requesting them to be emailed to you.