Balance Transfer

Bring It On Over

Consolidate and save! Transfer your higher-rate card balances to your Delta Community Visa® Platinum Rewards or Visa Signature® Credit Card and you’ll pay no Balance Transfer fee. You’ll even earn a 1.5% Cash Rebate on any Balance Transfer completed within the first 90 days from the date the account is opened.*

You can transfer your high-rate credit card balances by logging in to your Online Banking account and selecting Visa Credit Card Balance Transfer from the Loans tab, or select Visa Credit Card Balance Transfer under More in our Mobile App.

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Transfer any of the following types of account balances to your low-rate Delta Community Visa Credit Card:

  • Credit Cards
  • Gas Cards
  • Store Cards

You’ll continue to enjoy your existing low, variable, competitive interest rate, plus there's no Balance Transfer fee!

*Completion of a Balance Transfer is required to obtain a Cash Rebate. Balance Transfers from loans or credit cards held at Delta Community do not qualify for this Cash Rebate. The minimum balance transfer amount is $500. This offer is valid for balance transfers on new credit card accounts within 90 days following account opening, or in the instance Delta Community extends marketing offers or promotions from time to time specific to the primary cardholder. You will not qualify for this offer if you are in default of your Delta Community Visa Consumer Credit Card Agreement. The Cash Rebate will be calculated as 1.5% of the balance(s) transferred and will be credited to your Primary Savings Account after the balance(s) transferred has revolved for two (2) consecutive billing cycles. See the Visa Credit Card Balance Transfer tool within Online Banking for additional Terms & Conditions.