Quicken® is a financial management software program that enables you to create a comprehensive view of your financial status. This application is designed to help organize and manage your finances, from cash flow analysis and expense tracking, to tax filing preparation and investment management.

Delta Community is a participating financial institution for the Quicken® application. This allows our members the convenience of downloading Delta Community account transaction data directly into the software program.

To download Delta Community account information, your version of Quicken must be supported by the program vendor. You can determine this or upgrade your version via the program links below.

Quicken® Product Information

View product information, purchase or upgrade Quicken®.

Quicken®, QuickBooksTM or Other Financial Management Application

As a Quicken, QuickBooks or other financial management application user, you’ll be pleased to know that our system is fully compatible with these software packages. To ensure continued access to your Delta Community accounts through Quicken or QuickBooks, please be aware of the following:

  • The first time you log in to our new Online Banking platform, you’ll receive prompts to create a new account Username and Password. We ask that you not update your Quicken or QuickBooks credentials to reflect your new Username and Password at this time. Instead, continue to use the Member Number and Access Code you have been using for our old Online Banking system since you're receiving your account information in Quicken or QuickBooks through an Open Financial Exchange (OFX) connection that is independent of the new Online Banking platform. We will migrate you to a new OFX connection in the future, and you will have to update your Username and Password within Quicken or QuickBooks then. We will be in touch with you prior to that change.
  • If you inadvertently update your Quicken or QuickBooks credentials to reflect your new Online Banking Username and Password before the switch to the new OFX connection referenced above, you will likely receive error messages or your account information will no longer update correctly. You can resolve the problem by re-entering your old Online Banking Member Number and Access Code. If you do not remember your past Member Number and Access Code or experience other issues, please contact our Member Care Center at 800-544-3328 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.