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Official Credit Union Check

What is an official check?

An official check is a check that provides for the transfer of money with the payee being guaranteed payment. All members are eligible to request an official check. The official checks can be issued from your Savings, Checking or Money Market Accounts, or a Line of Credit (if issuing from a Visa, a cash advance must be completed). Click here to view the official check fee.

  • Requests can be made at a Delta Community CU branch in person or using the drive-thru, or you can fax the request in to our Operations Advisor Department at 404-677-4781. Please include your account number and signature on any written request.
  • To request the check be made payable to a different payee, mailed to a different address or sent overnight, send your request within Online Banking from the Secure Email under Additional Services. You will need to include the amount, payee name, and address you would want the check mailed to. If you would like the check sent overnight, there is a $15 fee or $35 fee for Saturday delivery.
  • Official check withdrawals are processed the same day as long as the request is received by 4:00 pm EST. If the request is received after that, the check will be processed the following business day.

How can I place a stop payment on an official check?

If an official check is lost, stolen, or destroyed, a stop payment can be placed a minimum of 10 business days after the check was processed. If you received the check and then lost it, there is a fee to place a stop payment and an affidavit will need to be completed

Do official checks expire?

Official checks will expire after 5 years from the issue date.

What is the difference between a cashier's check & official check