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Additional Savings Account FAQs

What is the benefit of an Additional Savings Account?

Having a second savings will be convenient to save for a special occasion, or for a major purchase, by keeping your funds separate from your primary savings. You may find this similar to a Christmas Account but with an added benefit; the Additional Savings Account earns the same dividend rate as does your Primary Savings.

Can I open an Additional Savings Account from my Primary Savings Account online or do I need to fill out a request form?

To open an Additional Savings account from within Online Banking, simply click on Add an Account from the Additional Services tab.

If you are not an Online Banker and the account ownership will mirror your primary savings, call us at 800-544-3328 to request Savings Account.

An account can also be opened by complete the Membership Application. You may return the form by mail, fax or stop by your local branch. It only takes a couple of minutes to open this account for you.

Can I open more than one Additional Savings Account?

Yes. You can open multiple Additional Savings Accounts by following the steps above.

Is there a minimum deposit required for the Additional Savings Account?

There is not a minimum deposit required for an Additional Savings Account. The Primary Savings Account must have a $5 deposit to open the account but not the Additional Savings Account.

Can the joint owner of a minor's Youth Savings Account request to open an Additional Savings Account?

Yes, at the joint owner's request, Delta Community CU will open the account for the minor.

Will I be able to use my ATM or Visa Debit Card to withdraw funds from the Additional Savings Account?

Yes, your ATM card can be used to access funds from your Additional Savings Account directly. If you have multiple savings accounts please tell us which account you would like linked to your card.

How can I transfer* funds to and from my Additional Savings Account?

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Line 
  • Online Banking
  • Fax request to 404-677-4789 attn: Operations Advisors
  • Standard withdrawal with a Branch teller
  • Sending an online message using the Secure Email under Additional Services from within Online Banking

Learn more about the IVR self service feature. To set up Online Banking access, click on Log In from the Tool Bar above. Next, click on New Enrollment.

Can I set up an ACH for direct deposit into my Additional Savings Account?

Yes, you will need to provide your employer with your account number and then -30. For example if your account number was 12343456, you would list it as 12343456-30. If your employer cannot enter a dash in the account number, then you will need to choose your Primary Savings Account or your Checking Account for the direct deposit.

*Reg D - Savings and Money Market Account Limitations: The account owners will not be permitted to make more than six (6) withdrawals from the Savings Account per month for the purpose of transferring funds from the Savings Account to another account with the Credit Union or for making a payment to a third party by means of preauthorized or automatic transfer, telephonic agreement (e.g. IVR, Online Banking, or Online Bill Pay), order or instruction. The following transfers or withdrawals do not count toward the six (6) withdrawal limitation: (a) any transfer for the purposes of repaying the Credit Union loans; (b) transfers among accounts of the same person, when made by mail, messenger, ATM, or in person. You are allowed a certain number of withdrawals during a month and the entire calendar year, after which service charges may be assessed. Both the number of withdrawals and the charges that may be assessed are listed on the Disclosure Supplement.