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Knowledge Base Article

Setting Up Direct Deposit

What is direct deposit?

Direct deposit is a service to transfer individual payroll funds by the employer to the employee's savings or checking account. Also, Social Security and other pension checks may be deposited directly. Deposits may be made to the Checking, Money Market or Savings Account.

Check with your payroll department to find out if your employer supports direct deposit and any requirements.

Most employers will request the following information:

  • Account Number: Delta Community Savings, Additional Savings, Money Market or Checking Account number, depending upon what account you would like your paycheck deposited into. This information can be located on your statements or online in your online banking account.
    • To deposit into an Additional Savings account you will use your account number along with a dash (-) plus the two digit ID number (-30). If the other institution is unable to use dashes, the direct deposit will need to be deposited into another type of account and then you may set up a transfer to your additional savings account
  • Delta Community routing number of 261071315
  • If your employer requests a document from Delta Community with your account information, you can log in to your online banking and send your request from Secure Email located under Additional Services from within Online Banking. Please include in your request the specific type of account (savings, checking, etc) for the direct deposit.

Please note, if your intentions are to transfer funds from your direct deposit once deposited, withdrawals from Savings, Money Market, and Additional Savings accounts are limited to 6 withdrawals per month due to Regulation D. Establish your direct deposit to your checking account to avoid any withdrawal count limitations.