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Payment Holiday and Eligible Loans

What is a Payment Holiday and what loans are eligible?

A Payment Holiday is an option to skip your consumer loan payment on loans that have been opened for 6 months. Interest will continue to accrue and the original term of the loan will be extended, if applicable.

To request a Payment Holiday, log into your Online Banking account and choose Payment Holiday under the Loans tab.

  • The request can be made up to the loan due date. However, if your loan payments are electronically drafted from another financial institution (ACH), a Payment Holiday may be submitted up to two (2) business days prior to the due date of your loan.


  • Real Estate loans, Business, Overdraft Protection, Holiday and Single Pay loans, Visa Young Adult and Secured Credit Card loans are not eligible for Payment Holidays.
  • For all Consumer Loans except Line of Credit and Visa Platinum Rewards, two Payment Holidays may be taken per loan per calendar year with a maximum of five for the life of the loan. Line of Credit and Visa Platinum Rewards may only take two Payment Holidays per calendar year.
  • Payment Holidays may not be requested for consecutive months.
  • For Line of Credit Loans, including Visa, 5% of the credit limit must be available to be eligible for a payment holiday
  • Finance charges will continue to accrue as explained in the LoanLiner Credit Agreement and the loan maturity date, if applicable, will be extended.
  • For Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Cards, a Payment Holiday cannot be submitted during the statement processing period. See Visa Payment Holiday for more details about eligibility.