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Knowledge Base Article

Security listed for a pre-approved car loan

If I want to get pre-approved for an auto, do I need to list the security offered on the application?

There is no requirement for the security field when applying for a pre-approval. Pre-approvals are good for 30 days. Once you are pre-approved, then we will need a sales contract listing Delta Community as the lien holder, or if you are purchasing the auto from an individual or refinancing your own auto, we will need the 10-day payoff and front copy of the title. If the auto is paid off, then we will need a copy of the front and back of the clear title. Once your application is on file, you can fax this information to us at 404-677-4807 attn: Loan Department. Please allow up to 48 hours for processing this information. You will be contacted by phone or email when you loan is ready for funding.