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Replacement Card FAQs

Can I still use my ATM or Visa card when I order a replacement card?

If the card is damaged and you ordered replacement, the following rules apply:

  • For a Visa Debit or ATM card, you can continue to use your damaged card number until you have received your new card.
  • For a Visa Credit Card, then you will not be able to use the card. You must wait until the new credit card has arrived and is activated.

Can I have an extra card with the same name and number so I can keep a spare on hand?

To reduce the possible occurrence of fraud, we do not issue two cards with the same number for the same name. The expiration date and CVV number will also change.

My name is very long. Will my full name be placed on my cards?

Visa cards are limited to 20 characters due to the logo appearing on the card. ATM and Money Market cards will accommodate your full name.

Can my authorized user order a replacement Visa Credit Card?

Yes, the authorized user may request to have their card reissued. The primary does not need to give permission.

Are there branches that can instant issue Visa Credit, Visa Check and ATM cards?

All Delta Community Branches have Card Wizards that can produce instant issue Visa Credit, Visa Debit Cards and ATM cards (including Money Market). All Branches can reset your PIN or set up a new PIN for your existing card. View our branch locations.

How long will it be before I receive a new credit/debit/ATM card if I cancel or reorder?

Please allow 7 to 10 business days to receive your new card via the US mail. You can also visit any branch to have your card made while you wait. The Card Wizard is available at all branches.

Can I request my card be sent via expedited delivery?

Yes, although additional charges may apply. Please contact us at 800-544-3328 so that we may discuss your extenuating circumstances. Please note, the card will always be sent in a separate envelope from the PIN per Visa Regulations and International expedited shipping can be requested.

Can a replacement card be sent to an alternate address if I am not at my permanent address?

In order to mail to an alternate address, we will need your request in writing with a verifiable signature or you can send a request within Online Banking from Secure Email located under Additional Services. If you send your request by mail or fax, please include your name, Account Number, your request for the replacement card and the circumstances prompting the request, the alternate address for this mailing only, a contact telephone number, and your signature. You can fax this request to us at 404-677-4598, Attn: Card Services.

Instructions on how activate your new card.