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What to do if Visa Fraud Prevention Services calls you or blocks your card

Visa Fraud Prevention Services blocked my card and my purchase was declined. What should I do?

Visa Fraud Prevention Services monitors member activity to determine unusual, potentially fraudulent activity.

Before blocking a card, Visa Fraud Prevention Services may attempt to phone you on your cell phone or home phone as provided to Delta Community Credit Union. Therefore, it is very important for you to keep contact information regularly updated with the Credit Union.

If a temporary block is placed on a card causing valid transactions to be denied Visa Fraud Prevention Services (24/7) will contact you to begin the process of confirming activity or verifying fraudulent transactions and closing the Visa Fraud case.

If you are traveling internationally and receive a call from Visa Fraud Prevention Services and are unable to reach them at the number above, we have a list of Visa international toll-free numbers. When you contact the Visa call center, you will need to notify them you were contacted by Visa Fraud Prevention Services regarding suspected fraudulent activity.

If you are traveling and are unable to contact us by phone, you may log into Online Banking and submit a request within Secure Email under Additional Services from within Online Banking to confirm the activity in question. Within the message you will need to confirm whether all pending and posted charges as of today on the account are valid. We will provide the appropriate steps to complete the process in our response. Be advised it may take Visa 2-3 hours to update the system.