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Process to have unauthorized charges removed

I have unauthorized charges on my account. How do I refuse the charges or get them removed?

We first have to determine whether the charges are a dispute and are fraudulent. "Participation" is the key to determining whether a transaction is a dispute or is fraudulent.


A dispute occurs when a member or cardholder has cancelled services previously authorized but charges continue from the merchant or has attempted to make or made (participation) a transaction with a merchant, and the member is dissatisfied with the outcome of the transaction. There may be a quality of service issue:

  • A product returned without a credit to the debit or credit card
  • A failure of the merchant to cancel a recurring charge after a member notifies the merchant to stop the transactions
  • Failure of the merchant to provide a product or service, etc.

In each of these situations, the member has participated willingly in the transaction.

If the charges are recurring, according to Visa U.S.A. Operating Regulations, it is the cardholder's responsibility to provide written cancellation to the merchant. If the merchant continues to charge the cardholder's account after the cancellation notice or refuses to resolve the current charges, the cardholder may then initiate Visa dispute rights with Delta Community.

Please contact the merchant to advise them of your wish to cancel recurring charges and resolve current charges by:

  • Calling them at the number listed for this merchant
  • Faxing a letter to them if you have their fax number
  • Sending an email notice to their customer CO-OP Shared Branch
  • Sending a letter to their mailing address

The merchant should provide you with a cancellation number, so please keep this number and make it available if needed. If the merchant continues to bill for recurring charges after your cancellation notice, or if you are unable to locate contact information for the merchant, we will be glad to assist you to the extent possible for subsequent charges to your account by disputing these charges.

How to dispute transactions and receive temporary credit


Fraud occurs when the member or cardholder did NOT participate in a transaction with a merchant, and an unauthorized authorization and/or unrecognizable transaction occurs. For example, a card is lost or stolen and someone uses the card for a fraudulent transaction. Or a member lives in Montana and finds transactions from Malaysia or Brazil on his account, and the member has never been out of the country.

Information about reporting fraud.