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Depositing Postdated Checks

Can I deposit a check that is dated in the future?

Postdated checks issued/received from a Business (such as Aetna) cannot be deposited until the date on the check. Some businesses will mail the check a few days before the posted date to ensure you receive it when the check can be honored, but it is your responsibility to hold the check until the pay date. Please understand that if a posted check is accepted and tries to clear before the monies are in the account, the paying financial institution could return this.

Personal checks that are postdated can be deposited regardless of the date. It is an agreement between two parties. If you deposit the check you may be dishonoring a personal agreement with the payee and funds may not be available. This may cause the deposited check to be returned.

If a check is postdated by only one day, you may deposit it at an ATM, as these checks are processed the next business day.