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Additional accident insurance when renting a car with Visa

Do I need additional accident insurance when renting a car with my Delta Community Visa?

All cars rented with your Delta Community Visa Credit Card automatically have Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver (ARCDW) coverage as secondary, as long as you decline the collision coverage at the time of rental from the car rental company. The ARCDW coverage reimburses cardholders for the repair or replacement of a damaged rental vehicle due to collision, theft, or other physical damages up to the actual cash value of most rental cars. The program covers rentals up to 15 days within the United States and 31 days outside the United States.

  • The ARCDW is supplemental/secondary and will only cover loss in excess of any other insurance coverage(s) available from the cardholder.
  • The ARCDW coverage is supplemental/secondary if a cardholder rents a vehicle within their country of residence.
  • The ARCDW coverage is primary if a cardholder rents a vehicle outside their country of residence.
  • Theft or damage from car rental transactions that originates in Israel, Jamaica, the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland are not covered.

A claim should be filed under the Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver (ARCDW) only when you have filed with any personal insurance policy you have available.

For more details and claim information go to, call 866-390-9735 or email at

*The Primary Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) coverage is no longer available.