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Using a Visa Card in the UK

Can I use my Visa Card in the UK?

Visa cards issued by Delta Community are accepted in the UK. If you encounter any card usage difficulty, advise the merchant that the card is a US issued card or ask the merchant to contact their bank for instructions. They may also call (800) VISA 911 in the US or 0800-891-725 in the UK. Any merchant displaying the Visa Logo is responsible for accepting all forms of Visa Payment. Failure to do so is a violation of Visa's acceptance policies.


If a merchant will not process your Visa Card, please call (888) 847 2242 or email and provide the Incident, Name & Address of Merchant and date of incident.

When using an automated kiosk (i.e. train tickets), we recommend that you use your Delta Community debit card at an ATM to obtain some local currency. You will avoid a commission fee (that is collected from the currency exchange store) and will likely get the best exchange rate.

Please note a 1% International Service Assessment fee will be applied for any card purchase overseas, but this is less than the 3% fee other banks charge for the same type of transaction.