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How to download to Quicken

How do I download my account information into Quicken?

You will need to log into your Quicken program and setup your account so it will download information from your Delta Community CU account.
Quicken support provides instructions on how to set up for Online Banking.
To get to the instructions:

1.       Open Quicken and click Menu

2.       Click Help and then Quicken Support

3.       Next, click on the following: Quicken for Windows, Online Services, Financial Institutions and How-tos.

When I'm setting up the transition download feature, I am being prompted for the bank name.
Always choose 'Delta Community Credit Union
How much transaction history is available for download?

For the MINT and QUICKBOOKS ONLINE web-based services, or if using the EXPRESS WEB CONNECT option with QUICKEN FOR WINDOWS, you can retrieve the last 90 days of transaction history. This limitation is set by Quicken.


For the QUICKEN FOR WINDOWS, QUICKEN FOR MAC, QUICKBOOKS FOR WINDOW and QUICKBOOKS FOR MAC desktop programs using DIRECT CONNECT transaction download method, you can retrieve the last 180 days of transaction history. Transactions older than 180 days are no longer retrievable for automated downloading and could be manually typed into the Quicken program from you online or paper statements.