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How to dispute transactions and receive temporary credit

How do I submit a dispute and obtain a temporary or conditional credit?

Visa requires that a cardholder attempt to resolve any error directly with the merchant. If that is not successful please provide Delta Community with the details of your dispute; the amount, posted date, merchant description as it appears on your account activity or statement and the reason for the dispute. Be sure to include copies of receipts or other related documents that will support your claim. Please include the details of your attempt to resolve the issue with the merchant.

Provide this information through a Notification of Dispute Form via our web site under Forms & Applications or a signed letter (required for unauthorized or charges you believe not made by you). To expedite the process, you may fax your dispute to us at (404) 677-4824 attn: Card Services. You may file your dispute at any time.

A conditional credit will not be posted until the signed Notification of Disputed Item form is received by the Card Services department.