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Knowledge Base Article

Acceptance of Tax Refund Checks

Can I present my tax refund check for deposit or to cash without an endorsement, and will there be a hold on it? Can I deposit the check at a CO-OP Shared Branch?

  • Federal Treasury Refund (IRS) checks as well as the rapid refund (Household Finance, etc) type checks may be subject to our hold policy.
  • Government checks must be endorsed by all parties.
    • Regardless of the type of refund check, all tax checks must be endorsed by the payee(s). If two names appear on the face of the check, two names must be endorsed on the back of the check.
    • If one of the endorsers is not a member or joint on a Delta Community account in the credit union, they must be present to endorse the check. They will be required to complete a form available at the branch.
  • Delta Community does not accept third party government checks.
  • A third party check can not be deposited at a night drop box, ATM or at any CO-OP Shared Branch. CO-OP Shared Branches are not allowed to accept third party checks under any circumstance.
  • To deposit a tax check, the check must be deposited into the payees account, designated by the name on the front of the check.
  • A tax check may be cashed if branch management determines that there is no need for a hold of funds.

These procedures are for our members' protection and the confidentiality of everyone. The IRS has strict regulations regarding tax refund checks and the Credit Union must meet their guidelines as well as our own.