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Knowledge Base Article

Member Assistance Program

Who is eligible for the Member Assistance Program?

Eligibility includes members who have been adversely affected by one of the following:

  • Job loss/income loss
  • Illness/death in family
  • Divorce/separation
  • Other life changing event 

Which loans are eligible for the Member Assistance Program?

Once qualified, the Member Assistance Program (MAP) applies to all consumer loans (excluding the following loans: Deposit Secured, Single Pay, Stock Loans, Holiday Loans and Visa Secured).

For 1st and 2nd Mortgage loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit, contact us at 404-677-4168.

If I make loan payments for other family member loans, will they be included in the Member Assistance Program?

No, only loans to the primary member whose income and/or employment status is adversely affected in accordance with the terms of this Program are eligible.

If I participate in the Member Assistance Program, will it reflect negatively on my credit report?

No. You will not be considered past due during the Member Assistance Program (MAP) as long as you are complying with the agreed-upon terms.

Will my Visa, Personal Line of Credit or Home Equity Line of Credit limits be decreased while participating in the Member Assistance Program?

Yes, lines of credit may be blocked or decreased when participating in the Member Assistance Program.

Does interest continue to accrue while I'm participating in the Member Assistance Program?

Yes. Interest will continue to accrue on all loans and it will be posted to your loans with each scheduled payment.

If I have received loan pre-approval, will it be rescinded if I enter into the Member Assistance Program?

Your pre-approval may be contingent upon re-verification of your employment status and income.

If needed, how can I request additional loan payment assistance under the Member Assistance Program once my deferral period is over?

If additional assistance is needed, you can contact Delta Community Credit Union's Loan Servicing Department at 404-677-8650. Your request will be reviewed on an individual basis. You may also contact us within Online Banking from the Secure Email under Additional Services.