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FAQs about Closing/Reopening your Checking Account

I am closing and reopening my Checking Account due to stolen checks but I have checks that have not cleared yet. Will these be returned?

On the Close Account form, you will complete a section that asks whether or not you have outstanding checks that need to clear. Any checks you list in this section will clear, assuming there are adequate available funds to cover them in your new Checking Account.

If you did not list those checks on the Close Account form, then the checks will be returned as 'Lost/Stolen' or 'Closed Account' and a letter will be sent to you. If this is the case, you will need to contact the merchant. If a check is presented in person to be cashed, you may receive a phone call for verification and if the situation warrants, the local police will be called.

I have companies that automatically debit my account. Will those items be paid?

As with the outstanding checks, you will list any recurring or automatic debits on the form and we will know to allow these items to clear. As soon as you receive your new checking account number you will need to contact the company to give them your new information.

I have my paycheck deposited to this account. Do I need to advise my employer of my new checking account number?

Yes. Direct deposits will continue to be posted to your account but you still need to advise your employer of the change. We will give you ample time to notify your employer/originator of your new account number.

Will I be contacted if anyone tries to access my account information?

If someone tries to get information without proper verification, no information would be given. If the call center staff is uncomfortable or suspicious of a call, the Loss Prevention staff is notified.

Can I continue to use my check/debit card during the process? Will I be receiving a new card and PIN?

Yes, you can continue to use the same check/debit card for your checking account. No, generally you will not receive a new card and PIN. If there is no card fraud then there is no need to reissue a card or PIN for your new checking account. If you suspect someone has gotten access to your card information, please notify us immediately as we will need to take additional steps.

I have received last months statement but will I be able to recall my account history for the last 15 days or so?

You will have access to your past statements; your recent and new transactions will be available under the new checking account.

If you are not enrolled in online banking or do not have online banking access, from the front page of the website under the Online Banking Username and Password click either “New Enrollment” or if you have logged in in the past and need assistance logging in click on “Forgotten Username or Password”.