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Youth Savings Account FAQs

When are the Youth Savings Kits mailed out for new accounts?

They are usually mailed out the first week of the new month. Therefore, it may take up to 6 weeks depending on when the account is opened.

How can I make a deposit into a minor's Savings Account?

There are several methods available to deposit funds into a minors account:

  • Transfer - Online transfers can be completed within Online Banking under the Transfer tab. Learn more about Online Member to Member Transfers.
  • Online Banking - If you need assistance completing a transfer, you can submit a request within Online Banking from Secure Email under Additional Services.
  • Fax - You can submit a fax request to 404-677-4781 Attn: Operations Advisors requesting funds be transferred to another members account. Be sure to include your signature on the request.  
  • By Mail - Make the check or money order payable to Delta Community and on the back write "For Deposit Only" along with the minors account number and include a deposit slip. Print a deposit slip or if unable to print, attach a note stating the Youth Savings account number. Use our mailing address for deposits.

Can my child get an ATM card on his/her Youth Savings Account?

Yes. Online Banking users may send a request from the Secure Email under Additional Services or by fax to 404-677-4825, Attn Card Services or in writing to Delta Community, Attn Card Services, PO Box 20541, Atlanta, GA 30320-2541.

Can I access my child's Youth Savings Account online?

The parent or guardian listed as joint owner can access your minor child's account online. Please follow the steps necessary to sign up for Online Banking access to your minor's account.