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Stop Payment

I need to place a stop payment on a personal check. Can I do this online?

If your check has been lost or stolen, we prefer that you call us immediately to discuss more secure options. A lost check can very easily become a stolen check, and a stolen check holds potential for fraud on your account.

There are several ways to place a stop payment: (Official Check instructions)

  • Online Stop Payment -
    1. Log into your Online Banking account
    2. Click on Stop payment Request located under the Additional Services tab
    3. Choose Stop Payment from the drop down box
    4. Click on either Single or Multiple Checks
    5. Enter the check number
    6. Select the account from the drop down menu in the Paid From field
    7. Enter the Amount and Payee in the appropriate fields and click Submit

Online Stop Payments may only be used for personal checks. Online Bill Payments, ACH payments or Official Checks may only be processed by contacting the Credit Union. To initiate a stop payment on one of these forms of payment, contact us using the options below.

  • Send a secure message from within Online Banking using Secure Email located under Additional Services. Please include the following in the message:
    • Check number
    • Who the check was made payable to
    • Amount of check
    • Date the check was written
    • Reason for the stop payment
  • Submit request by speaking with a representative in a branch or by phone at 1-800-544-3328

The stop payment will remain for 7 years. View the fee for placing a stop payment.

How can I release the stop payment on my checks?

Delta Community CU can release the stop payment hold on checks after receiving a written, signed authorization from the primary or joint owner of the Checking Account. You will need to include the check number and the amount along with your signature. You can send this in the mail or by fax to 404-677-4828 or 770-644-0131, attn: Payment Services. You can also send a message online using the Secure Email located under Additional Services.

Will a stop payment fee be refunded if the stop is released?

Once the stop payment process has been implemented, the fee cannot be refunded. However, you may be entitled to receive a refund for the fee if the stop payment was placed due to stolen checks. You will need to file a police report and provide a copy of the police report to receive the refund.

Can a stop payment be placed on my entire Checking Account so no checks can be written on it?

If you need to stop all checks written on a Checking Account, you will need to close and reopen that account. If you need these forms, please contact us by sending a request online using the Secure Email located under Additional Services or by phone at 404-715-4725.