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Knowledge Base Article

Adding on to an existing loan

If I want to add on to an existing loan, do I need to enter the total amount of the loan or just the amount I want to add on to that loan?

If you have an existing personal or vehicle loan with Delta Community and would like to apply for additional funds online, log in to Online Banking and click on Apply for Loan under the Loans tab. In the Amount Requested field, enter the total amount, including the amount currently owed and any additional amount you are requesting.

In order to request cash out on a vehicle, you must have equity in the vehicle and will be required to take a minimum of $500. Loan to Value may determine approval.

Will I get the same interest rate?

When requesting additional credit on an existing loan the current rate will be applied to the loan and the addition at which you qualify. This rate could be higher or lower than your existing rate depending on current rate availability and your current credit worthiness.

You can apply online by logging into your Online Banking account and choosing Apply for a Loan or Credit Card under the Loans tab. If you are applying for a limit increase for a personal line of credit or Visa credit card, contact us at 800-544-3328 to speak to a Member Care Center representative or visit any of our branch locations.