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Business Tax Payments

As a Business owner, can I make my tax payments with Delta Community CU?

Delta Community Credit Union does not assist with business tax payments. You may make a business tax payment through EFTPS®, the Electronic Federal Taxpayer System. This service is offered free of charge by the U.S. Department of Treasury to help business and individual tax payers pay their federal taxes electronically. You are required to enroll with EFTPS® prior to making a payment.

To enroll, visit or call EFTPS® Customer Service to request an enrollment form:

  • 1-800-555-4477
  • 1-800-733-4829 (TDD Hearing-Impaired)
  • 1-800-244-4829 (Española)
  • 1-303-967-5916 (Outside the US - toll call)

To pay via the voice response system, call 1-800-555-3453.

For help with Social Security/employer identification number or name mismatch, call 1-866-255-0654.

For other ways to pay, go to

EFTPS® is a secure government web site that allows users to make federal tax payments electronically.