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Cash withdrawal limits for all cards

Is there a limit on the amount of cash I can withdraw from an ATM per day with my Delta Community card?

ATM Card

The daily withdrawal limit for using your ATM card is $500.00 per day.

Visa Debit Card

The daily withdrawal limit for using your Visa Debit Card is $500.00 per day.

Visa Credit Card

The daily withdrawal limit for Visa Platinum Rewards and Visa Young Adult credit cards is $1,000.00 per day provided this balance is available at the time of the transaction. The $1,000 is an aggregate of any ATM transaction(s) for that day.

At a Delta Community Credit Union branch, a cash advance for the full available credit limit on the Visa credit card can be obtained at the teller station. Remember fees apply to cash advance transactions and interest will begin accruing immediately.

Please note: Saturday's count as one day. Sunday - Monday count as one day, even if Monday is a holiday.

Exceptions can be requested to increase your ATM cash limit for a specific length of time. Submit your request (with a verifiable signature of the primary member) stating the reason for the increase and the length of time needed. Send your request to the Delta Community Credit Union, PO Box 20541, Atlanta, GA 30320-2541 or via fax at 404-677-4598 attn: Card Services. You can also send a message within Online Banking from Secure Email under Additional Services.