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Knowledge Base Article

A2A (External Accounts) Hold On Funds

Why is there a hold on money I transferred with A2A?

Delta Community has implemented a hold policy on A2A external transfers to further ensure the security of your account and Delta Community.

Please know that not every A2A will be placed on hold; however, Delta Community reserves the right to place any A2A, inbound or outbound, on hold (for any period of time) as a precautionary measure.

Because monthly dividends are calculated on Total Balance, not available balance, funds received or withdrawn will be based upon posted transaction date, regardless of any holds.

Revised A2A Terms and Conditions Language

Delta Community Credit Union reserves the right to place any or all portions of an inbound or outbound transaction, originated through the A2A feature of Online Banking, on hold for any period of time.

As always, we encourage you to monitor your account and contact us should you have questions regarding any A2A holds placed on your account. You may reach our Payment Services representatives online via the Secure Email under Additional Services or by phone at 1-800-544-3328.