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Verification of Mortgage (VOM)

What is a VOM? How can I request a VOM?

A VOM (Verification of Mortgage) is documentation of a borrower’s mortgage payment history that is often required when applying for a loan. In mortgage lending, the VOM is also used to verify the existing balance, monthly payment and to check for any late payments on the account.

Only requests from a mortgage company or a business will be honored. Signed written authorization from the borrower to release information must accompany all VOM requests. It is Delta Community's policy to fax or mail the Verification of Mortgage directly to the mortgage company or business that requested it.

Requests for Verification of Mortgage may be faxed to Mortgage Servicing (770) 632-8829 or by mail to:

Real Estate Services
Mortgage Servicing
315 North Highway 74
Peachtree City, GA 30269