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Knowledge Base Article

Lost or stolen checks or account information

If my checks have been lost or stolen, do I need to close my account?

  • Yes, since your checkbook is out of your possession, we recommend that you close your account to protect it from fraud. When the Checking Account is reopened, it will be assigned an entirely new account number. There should be no interruption of service with your Visa debit card.
  • If you do not want to close the account, we can place a stop payment on the missing checks if you can supply us with the check numbers. The stop payment fee to stop a single check, a series of check numbers or a box of checks will apply.
  • We need to make you aware, that if someone has your checks, they can have new checks printed with your information and those checks could still clear your account if it is not closed and reopened. If your checks or cards have been stolen, a police report should be filed. This is a requirement of Delta Community's insurance provider.
  • To request the Close and Reopen Forms, call 800-544-3328, visit a branch, or submit a request within Online Banking from Secure Email under Additional Services. 
  • We also highly recommend keeping an eye on your credit report for a while.
    • The Balance Financial Fitness Program can provide a free and confidential credit report review. Delta Community has provided access to financial counseling and education through BALANCE.
    • For Identity Theft Protection, Members Insurance Advisors, LLC a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Community can assist you with affordable services. More information on Premier and Basic coverage.