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Transfer Within Account in Online Banking

What are the steps to complete a transfer from within your account?

  1. Select Make a Transfer from the Transfers tab
  2. Use the drop down menu to select the From and To accounts
  3. Select the Date and Amount
  4. If this will be a recurring transfer, select the Repeat box. In the pop up box, choose the frequency from the listed options.
    • Repeat option is only available for linked accounts and transfers within the same account.
  5. Enter a memo (optional)
    • In this field, the use of special characters are limited to $ % ( ) . + =
  6. Click Make Transfer
  7. Select Confirm or Cancel on the Confirmation screen
  8. Once the Confirmation screen displays, select Go to My Account or Make Another Transfer.

Transfers within the same account may also be completed within Mobile Banking or the Self Service IVR.

Loan to Loan transfers are not an available option. You may transfer from a line of credit loan to a share, then complete a share to loan transfer