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Account Information Unintentionally Posted to Social Media

How can I avoid having my account data and other sensitive personal information posted to my social media?

Some social media sites make it easy to inadvertently post images and documents. For example, this may occur when viewing a check image or a statement while logged into social media or by clicking on a social media button, such as Pinterest, within your toolbar. Any image browsed can be 'pinned' with one click using the Pinterest button.

If you inadvertently posted sensitive information to a social media site, delete the post/image as soon as you realize the issue and contact Delta Community to take further actions to prevent possible fraud. Contacting the Credit Union is an important step since it is impossible to know if the image has been seen or distributed further. If you are unable to delete the posted information, contact the social media site's help desk and request that the sensitive information posted be taken down immediately.

A good rule of thumb is to log out of ALL social media properties before signing into your Credit Union online banking account.

Remember to contact Delta Community to take preventive measures to protect your information.