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Check Copies

How can I view my cleared checks within Online Banking?

If you need to view a copy of your cleared check or if you simply need to see whom a check was written to, you can view images of checks cleared from the last 24 months using the new Check Search feature. You can find this new feature under the Additional Services tab.

  1. From the Check Search page, select the account to be searched
  2. Select the date range that the check cleared
  3. You may scroll through the list or use the Filter field to input your check number or amount of the check. Click on the image that appears under the View Check column and the check image will appear.
  4. To print or save, simply click on the button that appears below the image.

Viewing from the account history is still an available option. From here you can view the last six (6) months of cleared checks. The check numbers will be highlighted in blue. Click on the check number and the check image will appear.

Do you need copies of several checks from previous years or are you not an Online Banker?

If you are not an Online Banker or if the date range of the desired check images is outside of what is available, copies can be requested for checks that have posted within the last seven (7) years. In order for us to provide you with check copies, you will need to provide us with the following information:

  • Check number(s)
  • Corresponding amount that you wrote the check(s) for
  • Date that each check cleared
  • Tracer number for each check (This can be found on your statements)

You can fax this information to 770-644-0131, attn. Payment Services or click on Email Us from within Online Banking. Please include your signature (if by fax) and permission to charge your account for the check copy fees. If you are unable to provide us with all of the information that we requested, then research fees may apply.

You can always request copies of check images at any Delta Community branch.

How can I obtain proof of payment for a check that was converted to an ACH transaction and does not appear online?

If the check was processed electronically, you will not be able to view it online since a copy is not presented to us. You will first need to contact the merchant (company) that presented the check for a physical copy. If they are unable to provide a copy, you can send a request within Online Banking from Secure Email under Additional Services or print a copy of your statement. It will appear on the statement as a processed check with the check number, amount and company name on the date the check cleared the account.

When viewing a copy of a cleared check online, can I save a copy on my computer?

When viewing the check online, right click on the image and choose 'Save As.' This will allow you to save the check copy to your computer.