Account Protection Tools FAQ

To help you better understand your account protection options, please review the following Frequently Asked Questions.


Has Delta Community made changes to its overdraft services?

Yes. Currently, we offer Account Protection services such as Overdraft Protection and Courtesy Pay that prevent you from incurring overdrafts. Both services are offered when a new Checking account is opened. Overdraft Protection allows you to link a qualified account such as a Savings, Visa®, Money Market or Line of Credit to your Checking account.

If your Checking account ever has an insufficient funds balance when a transaction such as a check, electronic payment or purchase is presented, the money will be automatically transferred from one of the accounts you designate. Courtesy Pay covers both checks and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions. ACH transactions are electronic financial transactions made using your checking account number, such as an automatic withdrawal for car insurance, gym membership or mortgage.

You can now enroll in Courtesy Pay Plus, a new account protection service designed to cover ATM Card and Visa Check Card purchases should there ever be an instance when there are not enough funds available in your account. This service by law requires members to give their consent allowing the credit union to cover purchases made with an ATM Card or Visa Check Card and charge a fee.

How do I set up Overdraft Protection for my Checking account?

You can set up Overdraft Protection using a Savings Account, Money Market Account, Visa or Line of Credit. More than one account can be used to cover your transactions. The system will use the account(s) you have authorized, in the sequential order you requested, as long as you have available funds or credit. If none of your authorized overdraft protection sources have available funds or credit, we may pay items presented using Courtesy Pay or Courtesy Pay Plus, if there are funds available or in the case of Courtesy Pay Plus, you have opted in. To set up your account, simply contact us at 800-544-3328 or visit any of our branch locations.

Is there a fee to have or use Overdraft Protection for my Checking account?

There is no fee to have Overdraft Protection set up for your Checking Account. Delta Community does not charge a transaction fee for overdraft transfers from Savings or Money Market Accounts. However, if a Visa Credit Card or a loan such as a Line of Credit is utilized, you will incur finance charges and a $3 fee will apply.

Is Courtesy Pay or Courtesy Pay Plus a loan?

No, it's a service provided by the Credit Union to provide you with the convenience of knowing your purchases will be approved if there are insufficient funds in your accounts.

Why should I opt in to Courtesy Pay Plus for ATM card and Check Card purchases?

By opting in to Courtesy Pay Plus, you add an extra layer of overdraft protection coverage which will cover ATM card and Check Card purchases. And, since there is no fee to opt in and no fee if you never use the service, you have nothing to lose.

Are cash withdrawals using my ATM Card covered?

No. If you do not have sufficient funds in your Checking Account to cover an ATM withdrawal, the transaction will be declined.

What happens if I choose not to opt in to Courtesy Pay Plus?

Your cardholder experience will remain the same as it is today. The Credit Union will not authorize and pay overdrafts for ATM card or Check Card purchases, unless you ask us to by opting in electronically to Courtesy Pay Plus via the Delta Community website or verbally by telephone at 800-544-3328.

Is there a fee for Courtesy Pay and Courtesy Pay Plus?

There is no charge for opting in, but if there are insufficient funds in the account and Courtesy Pay or Courtesy Pay Plus is used, then there is a per item fee each time an item is paid. The fees for both Courtesy Pay and Courtesy Pay Plus is $35.

There is no limit on the total fees that can be charged when you overdraw your account.

What are the eligibility requirements for Courtesy Pay Plus?

Requirements for Courtesy Pay Plus are the same as Courtesy Pay and include, but are not limited to, the following guidelines:

  • Member in good standing with a Checking account opened for 60 days or more
  • Account is not more than 30 days delinquent or in default on loans or other obligations to us
  • No legal or administrative orders or levies against your Checking account
  • Courtesy Pay is required for Courtesy Pay Plus
  • An ATM Card or Debit Card is issued for your Checking account

What is the maximum amount available for overdrafts for Courtesy Pay and Courtesy Pay Plus?

Courtesy Pay and Courtesy Pay Plus have a combined limit of $500 which includes the aggregate amount of the overdrawn item(s) and the Courtesy Pay fee(s). A fee will be assessed for each item paid by Courtesy Pay.

If my account is overdrawn, how long do I have to bring my account into a positive balance?

Repayment of the overdraft amount is expected within 30 days. If you have additional overdraft items during this time, the account must be brought to a positive balance on or before the 30th day from the date of the initial overdraft item. Deposits received by Delta Community during the 30 days will be applied first to your overdrawn checking balance.

What if I exceed my Courtesy Pay or Courtesy Pay Plus limit?

Checks, ACH items or ATM Card and Check Card purchases that exceed your account protection coverage beyond the $500 limit may be returned or declined when presented for payment.

What if I never plan to use Courtesy Pay Plus?

You can still opt in to Courtesy Pay Plus. There's no charge to opt in, and you'll have an extra layer of overdraft protection for ATM Ccard or Check Card transactions. Remember you will only incur fees if you use the service.

If I opt in to Courtesy Pay Plus for ATM Card and Check Card purchases, will my items always be paid?

We pay overdrafts at our discretion. This means we do not guarantee we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction when there is not enough money available in your checking or designated overdraft protection accounts to cover the item. For example, we may not pay overdrafts when you are in default on a loan with Delta Community or your account is otherwise not in good standing.

Does the Credit Union offer other ways to protect overdrawing a Checking account?

Yes. When you open a Delta Community Checking Account, it is set up to automatically transfer funds from your Savings Account to your Checking should there be insufficient funds in the account. You can add Additional Savings Accounts and Money Markets as free Overdraft Protection. If you have a Visa Credit Card or loan such as a Line of Credit, you can have those set up as overdraft protection as well. However, you will incur finance charges and a $3 fee will apply. Please refer to your card terms and conditions for further details.

How can I opt in to Courtesy Pay Plus?

Simply log in to Online Banking, stop by any Delta Community Credit Union branch or contact us at 800-544-3328.

What if I opt in and then change my mind?

You can opt in or out of Courtesy Pay Plus at any time by logging in to Online Banking, stopping by any Delta Community Credit Union branch or contacting us at 800-544-3328.

Can I opt out of Courtesy Pay and only have Courtesy Pay Plus?

Courtesy Pay is required in order to have Courtesy Pay Plus. There is no fee to have Courtesy Pay, even if it's never used.