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Reward Points that are really rewarding.

People love reward programs. They get to treat themselves to cool stuff they may not immediately buy. At least that’s what they’re supposed to do. So we made sure that our Reward Points program lived up to your expectations. How? We reward you with points that are actually worth something. You’ll have the flexibility to choose rewards like Cash Back, Travel with no blackout dates, Gift Cards and Merchandise. And if you want to donate your reward points to charity, you can do that, too.


Here’s how it works:

You’ll earn 1 point for each $1 in eligible purchases with any one of our Delta Community Visa® Credit Cards. And then the earnings will continue each time you use your Delta Community Visa Check Card by earning 1 point for every $3 in eligible purchases as long as you sign for the purchases instead of entering your PIN.

And now there’s another way to earn Reward Points with your Delta Community Visa Credit Card, our Bonus Reward Points program. Activate the offer each quarter, and you’ll be able to earn 2x (Double) or 3x (Triple) Reward Points on purchases in specific categories, such as movie theaters, electronics and department stores. The categories change quarterly, so make sure to log in to Reward Points frequently. Learn more now!

Here’s how to sign up:

When you open a Delta Community Visa Credit Card, you are automatically enrolled in our Reward Points program. To enroll your Debit card, simply log in to Online Banking, go to the Additional Services tab, select Services, and then Reward Points.

Once you're enrolled, you'll be able to check your Point Bank, browse through a variety of items and redeem online easily and securely. To learn more about our redemptions or to see the types of rewards you can redeem, take a tour of our Reward Points website.

Who is this program right for?

Someone who wants a little something extra each time they use their Delta Community Visa Credit or Debit Card.

What kind of participant do you want to be?

Delta Community knows that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer two types of enrollment options based on your needs. Just pick the one that fits you best.

Become a Primary Participant.

Primary Participants earn Reward Points on their own. But to help you get started, we’ll give you 2,000 bonus points right off the bat. We’re just nice like that. Once you enroll, you’ll be able to access your point balance information, browse our online rewards catalogue and control your Point Bank balance for reward redemptions.

Become a Contributing Participant.

As a Contributing Participant, you can enroll under a family member or friend and earn points toward their Point Bank balance. All you have to do is sign up as Contributing Participant and then watch your points grow and grow and grow.

Who is this program right for?

Someone who wants a little something extra each time they use their Delta Community Visa Credit or Debit Card.

Options, options and more options.

Time to get to the good stuff, the actual rewards. Delta Community's Reward Points program offers many types of rewards and gives you the flexibility to use points or points and dollars to redeem them.


You want merchandise? You got it. There’s plenty to choose from . . . electronics, appliances, tools, home furnishings, tickets, jewelry and on and on. Drop by our Reward Points web site to take a look around for yourself. Just click on Reward Points and do some major browsing.

Gift Cards

Are you a gift card type of person? Well, you’re in luck. Delta Community offers Gift Cards and Gift Certificates from many top-tier merchants and name-brand manufacturers. And with the 2,000 bonus points you get just by enrolling, you’re already more than halfway to your first reward.

Gift Card Rewards Earnings Table
3,000 | $25
6,000 | $50
10,000 | $100
15,000 | $150


You love to go places? We’d love to help. With AnyAir, you can redeem points for domestic and international travel without the baggage of unreasonable requirements and rules. Just redeem a minimum of 10,000 points for $100 toward any published fare and then pay the difference of your ticket using either a Delta Community Visa Check or Credit Card.2 You’ll be able to earn even more Reward Points when you use any of your Delta Community Visa cards to pay the dollars portion of your ticket. See just how easy we make it for you to travel:

  • No blackout dates
  • No required 21-day advance purchase*
  • No more ticket price caps
  • No need to burn extra points for a "rule buster"
  • No required round-trip or Saturday-night stay*
  • Optional rental car and hotel booking when you book air travel
You’ll also be able to redeem your points for certificates and/or checks toward hotel and car merchants such as Avis and Hertz car rentals and Marriot, The Ritz Carlton and Hyatt hotels.

Cash Back

Some people prefer their rewards to come in the form of cash to spend any way their hearts desire. No problem. Delta Community lets you redeem your points for Cash Back rewards that we’ll deposit straight into your Delta Community Savings account. Here’s a sample of our Cash Back redemption tiers:

Cash Back Rewards Earnings Table
3,000 | $25
6,000 | $50
9,000 | $75
12,000 | $100
18,000 | $150


One way to help make your life come together is to help someone else’s life come together. That’s why Delta Community makes it possible for you to redeem your points to help many worthwhile charities.

Speed it up with PowerPay.

Want your rewards as soon as humanly possible? PowerPay lets you combine your points and dollars and redeem them for Gift Cards, Merchandise, Entertainment and Experiential rewards. As long as you have 3,000 points or more, you can use them toward the value of the item you'd like and pay the remainder with your Delta Community Visa Check Card or Credit Card.1

To learn more about Delta Community’s Reward Points Program, take a tour through our rewards site and see all that it has to offer.

1Not all reward redemptions are eligible for the PowerPay feature. Rewards such as Cash Back, Charity and items currently offered at a value of 3,500 points or less are not eligible. These exceptions are still available using the traditional point redemption option.

2Any airline ticket purchased or redeemed through the Reward Points program will be governed by the applicable fare rules of the carrier for the ticket being purchased. Brand and/or reward options are subject to change without notice. * Brand and/or reward options are subject to change without notice. Reward options and/or point levels are subject to change without notice.

Who is this program right for?

Someone who wants a little something extra each time they use their Delta Community Visa Credit or Debit Card.

Reward Points Terms & Conditions

Important Notice: You are accessing a secure site with confidential information which is restricted to authorized persons only. Unauthorized access or use is not permitted and constitutes a crime punishable by law. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.