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Home Financing Options for Your Second Mortgage

Delta Community's Purchase Money Second Loan isn't your ordinary second mortgage. It's a second mortgage you can use to supplement the purchase of your home.

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What is a Purchase Money Second Mortgage Loan?

A Purchase Money Second Loan can be used by those who are looking to purchase a home and are interested in a second mortgage to supplement the amount of down payment needed.

It’s also great for home buyers who want to use some of their savings from a second mortgage loan on furniture, appliances, or other home-improvement projects instead of putting it down on the purchase of the home.*

*Delta Community must be in first lien position.

Benefits of a Purchase Money Second Mortgage Loan

  • Competitively priced home mortgage rates
  • 5, 10 or 15 year terms
  • Fixed rate of interest
  • Can be used for primary residence or secondary residence
  • No prepayment penalty

Second Mortgage Lender

Delta Community is a second mortgage lender and also provides Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit.

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    Purchase Money Second Mortgage Loan Rates

    Need a little assistance with the down payment of your home? Have a home project you would like to complete? Find the best quotes and home mortgage loan interest rates that fit your needs from Delta Community. Review our various rates and Credit Union services.

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