Refer Your Friends to Delta Communityrefer a friend to Delta Community Credit Union

Now it’s easier than ever to participate in our referral program, share it with your friends and earn an even sweeter reward. Tell your friends and family to join Delta Community Credit Union and you can each earn a $50 bonus1 through our all new Refer-A-Friend Program.

How it Works

Easy Sign-Up Easy Sharing Easy Tracking
Create a Refer-A-Friend account online. Send referral messages to your eligible friends through email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Monitor the status of your referrals and track payouts as often as you like.

You can each earn $50 when your referred friend:

Opens a Checking Account with Debit Card. Makes a $50 deposit to their new Checking Account. Makes at least 5 transactions with their new Debit Card.

Ready to Refer?

Use our new Refer-A-Friend Program site to refer your friends and track the status of your referrals. When your friend accepts your referral offer, opens a Delta Community Checking Account with Debit Card2, makes a $50 deposit and completes at least 5 Debit Card transactions within 60 days, you will both earn the $50 bonus.

Refer Now

Are You a Referrer (Existing Member)?

  • First, create a Delta Community Refer-A-Friend account.
  • Then, send eligible friends a referral by email or social message.
  • Next, let your friends claim the offer and open an account with Delta Community Credit Union.
  • Monitor the status of your referrals in the Refer-A-Friend Program site.
  • Sit back and wait for your bonus!

Are You a Referee (New or Prospective Member)?

  • First, claim your referral offer from a Delta Community member within 14 days by creating an account on our Refer-A-Friend site.
  • Then, open a Delta Community Checking Account with Debit Card by applying online.
  • Next, make a $50 deposit to your new Checking Account.
  • Also, use your new Delta Community Debit Card at least 5 times within a 60-day period.
  • Sit back and wait for your bonus!

Program Rules

1 Refer-A-Friend bonus cannot be combined with other promotions and is not valid for previous offers or orders.

2 Debit Card can earn Reward Points. However, enrollment is not automatic and requires a separate enrollment process to participate in program. Enroll at