Financial Education Center

Making the Most of Your Money

Delta Community Credit Union’s Financial Education Center is designed to improve the financial lives of our members and community by offering resources on a variety of topics from budgeting to protecting your identity.

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Our Commitment

We know that knowledge is the key to good personal finance habits and to reaching your financial goals. That's why we've identified some of the leading organizations in the industry dedicated to personal financial education to make resources available to our members and their families.

Explore our Financial Education Center

Introducing the New Executive Insights Series

Hear from Delta Community’s leaders about topics top of mind in today’s economy. We’ll discuss the Delta Community difference, consumer and residential lending, service and delivery and more. Tune in monthly for new videos from our leadership. Visit our Executive Insights page to learn more.

In-person seminars and workshops

Facilitated by Delta Community’s financial experts and affiliates, check our Event Calendar for upcoming classes on the topics below.

  • Car Buying
    • So You’re in the Market … The Journey to Buying a Car
      Whether you’re buying your first car or in the market for a new one, this seminar provides attendees with car buying tips such as how to research and budget for new and used cars and the impact credit scores can have on financing.
  • Credit
    • Give Me a Little Credit … Understanding Your Credit Score
      This seminar is facilitated by a representative from Experian, one of the "big three" nationwide credit reporting agencies. Attendees will learn more about the value of establishing and maintaining good credit and how this can benefit your long-term financial well-being in the form of lower interest rates on loans, credit cards and mortgages. You’ll also learn where to find free, valuable resources related to building credit.
    • Using Credit Wisely
      This seminar will explore how using credit wisely will help you achieve your goals and avoid financial pitfalls. Attendees will understand the advantages and benefits of credit.
  • Debt Management
    • The Psychology of Spending
      Do you ever wonder why you left the mall with $500 worth of clothes when you were not planning to get anything or bought one pair of shoes over another? It is not just personal preference. Learn the forces that govern our consumer behavior and cause us to make decisions that are not necessarily rational or in our best interest.
  • Home Buying
    • First-Time Home Buying
      In this seminar our professionals will educate attendees on the importance of good credit, tips for improving your credit score and other factors that affect your ability to qualify for a home loan. In addition, we’ll share details about the Credit Union's various Home Loan products.
  • Identity Theft
    This workshop teaches preventative measures you can take to substantially reduce the chance of identity theft occurring and steps you can take to minimize damage if you do become a victim. This module covers the basics of identity theft, including: common practices of identity thieves, preventing identity theft, how to recover, federal laws and helpful resources.
  • Kids and Teens
    • Cool Cash Money Camp helps children learn to manage money in a fun, interactive and educational way. Facilitated by Delta Community representatives, the camp covers the basics of earning, saving, spending and giving.
    • Our High School Program is dedicated to educating young adults about personal finance. We offer educational resources to metro Atlanta high school teachers and year-round, in-person classroom presentations by Delta Community representatives. For more information or to request a school presentation, please email
  • Rebuilding After a Financial Crisis
    There are many things in life that can derail even the best money management plans, such as unexpected car or home repairs, illness or job loss. When in crisis mode, most people just take things day by day, hoping to get by. When the dust settles, you’re often left with a financial situation that is less than rosy. This seminar covers the steps you can take to rebuild after a financial crisis.

Online Courses and Resources

Learn at your own pace with online courses, tools and videos. Receive certification upon completion.

For Companies, Groups or Organizations

Delta Community Credit Union is available to address your company, organization or group with our interactive financial education seminar series. If you’re interested in an on-site presentation for your company, group or organization on one of the courses listed above, please complete our interest form or email for more information.


BALANCE* is designed to provide you with comprehensive resources for all aspects of personal finance. Through this program you'll find information to help you achieve your goals - such as buying a home or saving for the future - and to help you avoid or resolve financial distress. From online courses offered through the BalanceTrack program to confidential, no-cost financial counseling services and articles, publications and fun videos, check out all that BALANCE has to offer.

*Services offered through BALANCE are separate and distinct from any business conducted with Delta Community and are not guaranteed by or obligations of the Credit Union.