Delta Community Visa® Cards Come with Smart Chip Technology


All Delta Community Visa Credit and Debit Cards are enhanced with chip technology. Cards with smart chips are accepted worldwide and are easy to use at chip-enabled terminals.

Chip cards offer enhanced fraud protection by creating a unique, one-time code for each transaction making it virtually impossible to replicate in a counterfeit card.

Smart chip technology add to security of credit and debit card payments

General Info

Why are chip card transactions more secure?

Every time you use your card at a chip-enabled terminal, the embedded chip generates a unique, one-time transaction code to complete the transaction. Chip cards are nearly impossible to counterfeit. If the card data or one-time code is stolen, the information can’t be used to create a counterfeit card and commit fraud.

Can I use my chip card overseas?

Yes. Chip technology is used worldwide. If a merchant doesn’t have a chip-enabled terminal, simply swipe your card as you do today.

Please note that some overseas ticket kiosks/unmanned terminals won’t authorize US-issued chip-enabled cards. If the kiosk asks you for a PIN, you may be able to select one of the following to bypass the PIN prompt: “Cancel,” “Enter” or “Continue.” If the card reader still will not accept your card without a PIN, the merchant may be able to assist you.

Is a chip card the same thing as an EMV card?

Yes. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa. Some companies may refer to the chip card as a smart chip card.

What if I have other questions about chip card technology?

For more information, visit Visa’s website.

Using a Chip Card

How do I use a chip card?

When using a chip-activated terminal, follow these easy steps:

1. Insert card2. Follow screen prompts3. Remove the card when instructed

How will my checkout at the register be different with a chip card? With a chip card, do I need to swipe my card?

If the merchant has a chip-enabled terminal, insert your card and follow the prompts on the screen (the slot is typically located at the bottom of the terminal). Leave your card in the terminal until prompted to remove it. If the merchant does not have a chip-enabled terminal, you will swipe your card exactly as you would with a non-chip card. If you swipe the magstripe on a chip-enabled terminal, the terminal will prompt you to dip your card by inserting it chip first.

Is anything different for online or telephone transactions?

No. You use your chip card for online purchases the same way you use non-chip cards. You can also enjoy an easy, smart and secure digital checkout experience when you click to pay with your Delta Community Visa Debit or Credit Card when you seeclick to pay with payment iconwhere Visa is accepted. Set up your cards today. And, you are always protected with Visa's Zero Liability Policy* against fraudulent activity.

Why do some merchants require the use of a PIN for debit transactions, rather than allowing people to sign for their purchase?

Delta Community’s Debit Cards are designed to work as chip and PIN or chip and signature. Whether you need to sign or use your PIN depends on the merchant, the amount you’re spending and which buttons you push at the terminal prompts.

Do I need to use a PIN with my Visa chip Credit Card?

No. For U.S.-based transactions, you only need to use a PIN with your Credit Card if you’re requesting a cash advance at an ATM. If you’re traveling overseas, you may want to consider getting a PIN for your Delta Community Credit Card prior to departing.

How will I know if I need to insert or swipe my new card?

If the card terminal is chip-enabled, you will see a slot where your card is inserted and where it will remain during the transaction.

What if the merchant doesn’t have a chip-enabled terminal yet?

Your Delta Community Visa Card still has a magnetic stripe, so if a terminal is not chip-enabled, simply swipe your card the way you do now.

Will my chip card work at a non-chip-enabled ATM?

Yes, it will. Most ATMs are chip-enabled, however. If you use an ATM that is chip-enabled, it may briefly retain the card inside the machine/reader while your transaction processes. Please remember to take your card after your transaction is complete.

Even though chip cards have an extra layer of security, should I still contact Delta Community before traveling internationally?

Yes, that’s still a good idea. That way, purchases that are outside of your normal purchase activity are less likely to trigger our fraud monitoring systems.

I’m having trouble using my new chip card on a mobile device app (such as loyalty programs). What should I do?

Because the card is flat, some mobile device cameras may not pick up the card number or other information. If this happens, simply enter the required information manually.

What should I do if I have additional questions that aren’t addressed here?

Call 800-544-3328, stop by any Delta Community branch or send a secure email through Online Banking.

*Visa’s Zero Liability Policy does not apply to certain commercial card transactions or transactions not processed by Visa. Cardholders must use care in protecting their card and notify their issuing financial institution immediately of any unauthorized use. Contact Delta Community for more details.