Executive Insights

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Learn From the Leaders at Delta Community

Delta Community Credit Union is more than just a place to bank, we’re a resource for information to help navigate financial questions in your day-to-day life. Join us for a new video series from our Financial Education Center, Executive Insights, where the leaders of Delta Community delve into the topics top of mind for savvy consumers. This series is hosted by Jai Rogers, Vice President, Business & Community Development, and Reina Jones, Assistant Vice President, Community Development.

The Member Experience

Kem Henderson, Vice President of Marketing, speaks to Reina Jones about Delta Community’s mission to provide an experience unlike other financial institutions and how we’re equipped to meet the needs of our members at any stage of life.


Community Engagement

Vice President of Business & Community Development, Jai Rogers, and Assistant Vice President of Community Development, Reina Jones, discuss how Delta Community uses its resources and influence to create positive change in the communities we’re privileged to serve.

Financial Planning and Retirement

Julie Bates, Managing Director of Delta Community Retirement & Investment Services, speaks to Reina Jones about the benefit of professional guidance during major life events, ways financial planning has evolved over the years, and whether a 401k is enough for workers to rely on.


Commercial Lending

Rick Ellis, Director of Commercial Lending, talks to Jai Rogers about the role of our Commercial Lending team, the impact recent economic changes have had on business owners and how they can best position themselves for success in the future.

Data Protection

Vice President of Information Security, Abdul Hussain sits down with Jai Rogers to discuss recent fraud trends to be aware of, how we protect our members’ data, and why safety and security is a vital part of our commitment to provide exceptional service.


2022 Series


Membership Means More

Hank Halter, Chief Executive Officer of Delta Community, discusses with Jai Rogers, the credit union difference and why joining Delta Community means more than just opening a bank account.

Consumer and Residential Lending

Our Executive Vice President & Chief Lending Officer, Bob Walsh, and Vice President of Residential Lending, Kathy Weber, review with Reina Jones, the landscape of consumer and residential lending and what the market may look like for home buyers in the near future.


Service and Delivery

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Matthew Shepherd, and Senior Vice President, Branch Delivery and Operations, Pam Davis, discuss with Reina Jones, how the pandemic changed the consumer expectation of service and delivery, and what members can expect to see next at their neighborhood Delta Community branch.

Digital Banking and Service Technology

Senior Vice President, Remote Delivery, Bill Mesplay, and Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Tim Mitchell, discuss with Jai Rogers, advancements in digital banking and service technology and how Delta Community has risen to the challenge among concerns with cyber security and data protection.