Scheduled Share Transfer

What is a Scheduled Share Transfer? Can I use it to transfer to another person's account?

  • A Scheduled Share Transfer can be established to transfer funds:
    • Within your own account (share to share).
    • Between your primary Delta Community CU account and your joint Delta Community CU accounts.
  • This can be setup on a monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.
  • Scheduled transfers will post between 8 am and 12 pm on the specified scheduled dates.

From within Online Banking, you can easily create transfers:


  1. Verify funds are available before proceeding
  2. Select Scheduled a Transfer from within the Transfer Tab
    • For Mobile Banking, select the Transfers from the Menu bar to create a new transfer
  3. Use the drop-down menu to select the From and To accounts  
  4. Input the amount of the transfer desired
  5. Select Date
    • For Mobile Banking, select Frequency
    • Date and Repeat options are only available for linked accounts and transfers within the same account. If you do not have this option, you can complete the Transfer Access Request located under Account Management. Once the request is processed, this feature will be enabled for the selected account. 
  6. If you would like this to be a recurring transfer, select the Repeat box. Choose from the options displayed.
  7. Enter a memo (optional)
    • In this field, the use of special characters are limited to $ % ( ) . + =
  8. Click on Make Transfer.
  9. Select Confirm or Cancel on the Confirmation screen
    • Once the Confirmation screen displays, select Go to My Accounts or Make Another Transfer.  
  • To modify a Scheduled Share Transfer that you have set up via Online Banking or Mobile Banking, simply delete and create a new transfer with the adjusted information.
  • To delete via Mobile Banking, swipe left on the desired Scheduled Share Transfer under the Schedule tab and tap the Delete button. 

If you are not an Online Banker, we ask that you complete the Scheduled Share Transfer form. To modify a scheduled share transfer that the credit union has created, submit your adjusted information by contacting us from within Online Banking, call us at 800-544-3328, or visit your nearest branch location.