Check hold policy

Delta Community's Funds Availability Disclosure can be found in the Member/Savings Services Disclosures and Agreements.

All types and amounts of checks are subject to hold.

Delta Community's general check hold guidelines are as follows:

  • General Policy: Funds from all deposits, except those identified below, will be immediately available for withdrawal by cash or check.
  • Drop Boxes: Funds deposited in a Delta Community Credit Union drop box will be processed and made available the day the deposit is removed from the box.
  • Holds: Delta Community Credit Union will place holds on checks over $3,000 deposited on any one day. $225 will be available immediately, and the remaining funds will be available on the second business day after the deposit was made.
  • Exceptions: Delta Community may place an extended hold on any check at our discretion, including cashier's, teller's or government checks. Any check type may be subject to an extended hold. $225 will be available immediately, and the remaining funds are generally available by the 7th business day after the deposit is made.

Refer to the complete Funds Availability Disclosure for additional information and circumstances where the funds hold period is extended or the amount of the funds held differ from the general guidelines above.